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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions changes from time to time and, if such changes are made, notification will be displayed at the mining zones news for the user to be aware of. The user's continued use of the website is based on acceptance of these terms and conditions, as modified from time to time for better service and higher quality. Any breach of this agreement by the customer / subscriber may result in his account being suspended without prior notice and no refunds in some cases.

  1. Relationship
    • When you join the site, you agree to the terms of service, privacy and use of the site of "mining zones." The visitor or members who do not agree to the terms of this service, the privacy and terms of use law, they must not enter the site or buy any of its services/products and cancel their accounts immediately.
    • The member is not in any way considered an employee or a contractor in the mining zones company.
    • The official member assumes full responsibility for his material expenses and purchases of products or investment contracts offered.
    • Persons under the age of 18 are not entitled to register or join the site.
  2. Illegal activities
    • Members should not display the commercial offers of on any personal page, newsgroup, e-mail, social media channels or any other method, that is, unless the permission of the site's management has been taken without prior consent or by illegal means are considered a violation. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual offenses, malicious software (viruses) or spam (infringement of third parties)
    • Members of the site are not authorized to bring referrals (new members) through the temptation of big gains, fast track wealth, or give gifts and prizes or any other temptations other than what the site provides legally.
    • In cases of account suspension due to breach or doubt of the administration of the site, the management has the right to request personal documents, phone numbers and any information proving the identity of the user and then the administration has the right to re-activate or continue suspension according to the available information.
  3. Responsibility of the other party
    • The position of the Mining Zones as its management is not responsible for the actions of the other individuals or party, which may cause and harm other members physically or morally. The site is not responsible for the actions of individual persons, which are outside the laws of the site and cause material loss and moral to those who join it, the site is not responsible for it and does not encourage it.
    • The member is fully responsible for his identity. If the site management has proven fraudulent, including the age of the person who joined the site for less than (18) years, the site management has the right to close his account permanently and liquidate all his property Of contracts and refer his file to the Supreme Management to decide on his case. The site will study each case separately. The member's account will be settled (after deducting the administrative fees of 20% and deducting the entire profits from the contracts as well as the deduction of the withdrawals). The site's decision will be considered final.
  4. Cancel / close membership of the site (account)
    • The subscription is free and therefore the member is entitled to subscribe or not under the terms of that item.
    • The management of the site in full privacy has the right to close the user account without prior reason caused by any violation of the terms and conditions of the site, privacy or use of the site.
    • Any member who acts inappropriately or without responsibility towards the site, members or one of the official groups in the social media, will present himself and his account for closure without notice if it is verified and then his account liquidated according to the conditions and mechanisms applicable to the disposal of the site and its management.
    • Canceled accounts will lose all privileges associated with it if any! In accordance with the mining zones applicable laws.
    • The management of the mining zones have the right to terminate the membership of the subscriber in the following cases, but not limited to, infringing and sending abusive messages called spam, fraud of all kinds, misuse of the site and the services and programs provided, CEO and Executive Director, to a member of the Site in any form of defamation or insult through social media, etc.
    • In all cases of account closure or cancellation, the management has the right to receive 10% minimum fees for administrative services.
  5. Open new contracts
    • When you open a new contract, you agree to the following terms after you understand them and you are fully qualified and legally considered without any ambiguity or misunderstanding.
    • The right to approve (contract or contracts) or refusal is a legitimate right of the contracting department of the Mining Zones site.
    • Site management has the right to cancel or suspend any contract for any member who violates the laws of the site or tries to tamper with them.
    • Each contract shall have an opening date according to plan (90,180,300) which means period. No member shall have the right to terminate or request to terminate the contract prior to automatic transmission except under the terms of canceling the contract.
    • Any contract plan has an unsecured profit rate and not guaranteed, which means it may increase or may decrease during the validity of the contract.
    • The management of the site shall have the right to change the prices and the percentage of profits for active and new contracts and or bot whenever necessary.
    • The site management has the right to add, modify or delete any of these conditions at any time without restriction or condition. The customer should follow the latest updates through the website.
  6. Open Contract cancellation Policy (refund)
    • All contracts are electronic goods and conclude medium & long-term contracts on your behalf with hashing/mining and investment platforms available on the site and money is not recoverable as fast as you may think, but the member may request the cancellation of any contract within 14 days from the date of opening the contract only.
    • When you open a contract, you agree to a conditions that includes the third clause (each contract has an opening date as per the plan (90,180,300) and no member is entitled to terminate or request the termination of the contract before the automatic closure of the terms of canceling the contract) but from the common cooperation and sense of responsibility and to prove good faith and considering some emergency circumstances for member, the company has allowed Open Contact cancelation under the following conditions:
      1. The administration of the site has the right to accept any application for cancellation after studying within 5 working days and also has the right to refuse without obligation to clarify the reasons.
      2. Upon approval of the application, the site management has the right to cancel the contract in place of the request or to cancel all the contracts at once without referring to the member, especially when there are investment contracts based on profits.
      3. Upon approval of the cancellation of the contract, 10% of the value of the amount invested and paid through the payment processors shall be deducted as administrative fees, then deducting total amounts withdrawn during the investment period, all that shall be determined according to the following mathematical equation: Cancel contract = ( seed money – 10% ) – ) withdrawal )
  7. Payments and withdrawals
    • Cash out or withdrawals are automatically and semi-manual paid. To prevent fraudulent and pirated activities. This is for site security and customer returns, so delivery can be delayed to 72 hours. If you do not receive the payment within 72 hours. Please create support ticket to our support team for help. Any tickets from outside site will not be accepted, only in certain cases, such as forgetting password etc.
  8. Privacy
    • The mining Zones shall not share the information of its members at any circumstances now or in the future with any other agency. Unless the customer has personally agreed in a formal way through the administration for information, only the official and legal authorities are authorized to request information about all customer.
    • Personal information provided by the member at the time of registration or modified through his profile, used to communicate with members only.
    • The site uses cookies to be able to track ads and the system of inviting others. Cookies are a small file placed on your computer, mobile device, tablet via the browser (of course, if you allow it) so that the system can recognize the quality of the browser where this type of information is saved for easy access again.
  9. Content
    • Customer is fully responsible for his / her account and is updated periodically through the profile on the Members page. The administration is not liable by any means! If the customer does not receive any updates due to the reason that member is not providing the site with the correct information. If the matter is very important and the support tries to communicate with you through the e-mail (e-mail) that we have and did not find the response several times, the site has the right to suspend your account temporarily until you contact with the support with your valid info, this act is safe for you and your account and the site also.
  10. Property Rights
    • All promotional materials, graphics and the brand of the site are protected by intellectual property rights under international law and any participation, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. The mining zones provide advertising material to its customers within the site in the marketing and affiliation section.
  11. Sabotage and damage to the site
    • Any member engaging in chat, e-mail, publication or using any of the social media, so content used in the structure of vandalism or damage to the site and its capabilities or one of its customers, this act will consequently lead to final suspension of that member account and membership, depends on the extent of the damage caused by his acts. The site and its management shall be entitled to precede legally to obtain compensation for that damage, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area and the rest of the Arab countries. At the international level, we reserve the right to respond through official channels.
  12. Spamming
    • It is strictly prohibited to use the spam method or to infringe on others by placing your own link or sending unsolicited messages without taking the consent of the receiver. This act will not be tolerated with those members because they distort the reputation of the Mining Zones Company and its associated companies.
    • Any member who proven that he has used this method (spam) a very harsh action will be taken against him, his account will be suspended immediately without compensation. He will be also be expelled from official Facebook groups for good.
  13. Taxes and Zakat
    • The member is fully responsible for his taxes or zakat due to his transactions in his home country as is known and as imposed by his countries own laws as well as the Islamic Zakat law at his country.
  14. Disputes, governed by laws adopted globally and locally
    • The Mining Zones reserves the full right to terminate any account without notice if a breach of any of the terms and conditions of the use of the site or privacy law.
    • The client who opens a financial dispute without communicating with the site management first to reach a middle ground, will result in the site full right to temporarily disable his account until a satisfactory solution or a solution to the entire case is reached. Upon completion of the solution, the site management has the legit rights to close the account of the accuser and to liquidate his account or not to give him a financial compensation according to the damage and cost.
    • The administration of the site has the right to open legal dispute for any payment received if it is proved that the member has violated the terms of service, privacy or policy of return of money or fraud or the use of bank account that he doesn’t won by his name.
  15. Death Cases
    • In the case of God forbid the death of a member of the site and has open contracts, his family or represented by (legal agent) to communicate with the administration through the official email or phone to inform us, then they need to send proof of death certificate and legally certified papers. When such an event occurs, his family will be compensated with the return of all his open contracts.
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